Solex from Docutech is a fully integrated eClose solution, meaning lenders work with only one vendor

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Many lenders looking to deliver a fully digital eClose find themselves having to manage multiple vendors, integrations, and a complex tech stack leading to pain points and frustration for users. 

Unlike other solutions, Solex from Docutech is a fully integrated, end-to-end eClose solution meaning lenders work with only one vendor and implement one technology. The solution includes intelligent eEligibility, native SMART Doc eNote, electronic notarization including Remote Online Notarization (RON) and In Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN), multiple closing room/settlement agent experience options, and a proprietary eVault with a direct integration to the MERS eRegistry.

“It’s a full-service solution,” Docutech President Emily Shapiro said. “Solex includes all necessary components for any lender to move to full eClose where all documents in the package are executed electronically.”

Solex is comprehensive, eliminating the need for multiple tech partners and integrations, streamlining lenders’ solutions, and providing better value. And Docutech offers multiple solutions within the Solex brand to meet the needs of any lender in the space.

  • Solex eClosing Xpress from Docutech enables efficient, rapid eClosings. Solex eClosing Xpress includes Solex eSign, eEligibility for each transaction and a direct link to access the streamlined settlement agent/attorney experience, which can be managed at the individual transaction level without having to establish an account.
  • Solex eClosing Engage, part of the Docutech eClosing suite, includes a robust settlement agent/attorney experience, with robust pipeline management, IPEN, RON, the ability to assign tasks to the settlement agent or attorney and eEligibility for every loan.
  • Solex Orders is a solution designed for non-Docutech lenders to reap the benefits of eClosings without having to change document providers. Using Solex Orders makes the Solex eClose solution available on any closing documents. 

When lenders use Solex eClose with ConformX documents, all interaction points are generated natively when Docutech dynamically builds the documents. This means there are no missing eSign enabled interaction points and no need to review the document set for accuracy of interaction points before sending to the borrower, settlement agent or attorney. Documents are also generated in seconds and do not have a delay when creating the eClose sessions.

Additionally, Docutech has a highly trained implementation team with deep expertise and resources to help its lender clients assess and optimize their current processes, as well as how to drive technology change in a way that meets their critical to success items and provides the best experience. 

“At Docutech, having completed more than 700,000 eClose, Hybrid eClose and RON transactions for multiple lenders across the industry, we have been able to establish a strong set of best practices for driving change within your teams to ensure high adoption,” Shapiro said. “Every lender is unique; we work with our clients to understand their uniqueness and implement a solution that delights their customers and their teams and also ensures they achieve their efficiency, cost and automation goals.”

Emily Shapiro, President, Docutech

Emily Shapiro uses her passion for solving client challenges to drive the company’s strategic vision and leads its growth initiatives by adding new products, entering new market segments and seeking strategic technology integrations.


Adam Stern, Chief Technology Officer, Docutech

Adam Stern is a technology leader who combines vision and execution to deliver scalable solutions to challenging problems, driving the company’s technological vision with a focus on innovation and growth.


Cathy Turner, Chief Operating Officer, Docutech

Cathy Turner’s ongoing commitment to our clients’ priorities and the strategic focus she demonstrates in leading her team have contributed to helping lenders digitize an increasing amount of their lending process.


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