CoreLogic helps solve the fragmented underwriting process

By Housing News

The mortgage industry continues to move toward automation, but there are still parts of the mortgage process that remain fragmented. Underwriting presents a particular challenge because of the many variables involved that seem to need human judgment, making it one of the most manual processes in any mortgage workflow.

CoreLogic is seeking to transform this part of the process
with its AutomatIQ Suite of solutions, which includes both AutomatIQ Borrower
and AutomatIQ Collateral. By streamlining the underwriting process, these
solutions solve for the two pieces of the underwriting puzzle.

While AutomatIQ Borrower standardizes the identity, credit,
employment, income and asset verification workflows for lenders, AutomatIQ
Collateral pulls together valuation, title, ownership information and property
condition in one system. The solution data-enables these services, leading to
an advanced workflow that automates what’s routine and highlights what needs

HousingWire recently sat down with CoreLogic Sales Executive Sage Nichols to discuss how AutomatIQ Collateral fits into the company’s goal of overall automation.

As CoreLogic looks to the future, Nichols envisions the
AutomatIQ suite as a transformative vehicle for underwriting that is seamless, automated,
and driving the mortgage industry’s innovation into the future.

Learn more about CoreLogic’s AutomatIQ Collateral
tool here.

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