Give your homebuyer a great experience and gain more referrals by partnering with an independent mortgage broker

By Housing News

As a real estate professional, your work involves not only
helping your buyers find and purchase their dream homes, but also monitoring
and expanding the growth of your business. Referrals from past clients are a
fantastic way to increase your business – and to get those referrals, it’s
important to give each homebuyer a great experience. Partnering with a local
mortgage broker can help you give your clients the easy home buying process and
personal touch that will gain you more word-of-mouth referrals.

Working with an independent mortgage broker can be a boon to
your business thanks to their mortgage expertise. Unlike banks and online
lenders, mortgage brokers are required to be licensed and must take yearly
continuing education classes to maintain that license. Plus, mortgage brokers
are based in your community, so they’re readily available to guide you and your
buyers through the home buying process and help ensure that the process is smooth
and steady – and the more convenient the loan process is, the happier your
buyer will be.

Independent mortgage brokers aren’t beholden to any one
lender, which means they’re able to offer a wider variety of loan options and
approval opportunities for your buyers based on their need and what they can
afford. Finding the right loan option for your buyer rather than trying to fit
them into one of a few pre-selected boxes means your buyer feels like a person
rather than a number. Mortgage brokers also have access to wholesale rates, so
they may be able to get a lower monthly payment for your buyers.

In addition to more loan options and lower rates, mortgage
brokers are also able to get you and your buyer to the closing table faster,
with turn times well below the industry standard. While the average length of
the mortgage process is 41 days, independent mortgage brokers can close in just
14 days in many cases. Buyers who are able to close in a much shorter span than
usual will want to refer others to the real estate professional who helped them
save time getting into their new home.   

Because mortgage brokers want to go the extra mile for their
clients, they have extremely flexible schedules, allowing you and your buyers
to schedule appointments at times and locations convenient for the both of you.
You and your broker partner understand that clients have lives and schedules
outside of acquiring their mortgage, and accommodating those needs goes a long
way in providing a great customer experience.

Partnering with a mortgage broker in your community helps
you build meaningful relationships with your clients. Clients looking for that
personal, human touch will appreciate that you and your broker partner see them
as more than just a transaction, leading to more referrals and a more
successful business. Find an independent mortgage broker partner in your
community at

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