Reali adds new features to app, plans to continue expanding

By Housing News

Real estate technology company Reali announced Wednesday that it has made an update to its app, and now claims that the app is the “first in the real estate industry – and the app is the only one of its kind” that services homebuyers and sellers in a single app.

According to the real estate startup, the process of selling a home with Reali begins in the app by requesting a home valuation or listing appointment from a dedicated, local and licensed real estate agent with market expertise.

Once the home is live, sellers can track the sale of a home from valuation to escrow, working closely with their real estate agents.

“Until now, robust technology to help you sell a home was reserved for home buyers,” said Amit Haller, chief executive officer of Reali, in a statement.

“Today, Reali is changing that with key features for selling a home. The new app isn’t just a milestone for our company, it’s significant for the entire real estate industry,” Haller added. “For the first time, home sellers can experience full-service real estate powered by technology that simplifies their journey without charging a premium.”

The last time Reali made an update to its app was last July, when the company added insight to real estate agents, helping them efficiently complete their work on behalf of their clients with the help of technology and back-end proprietary software. This created a smoother end-to-end journey for homebuyers.

Key features of the improved app include “Sellers Journey,” where sellers get complete visibility into the home selling process to see where they are and get real-time alerts.

The in-app chat feature gives sellers access to their dedicated, local real estate agent and support team as they move along the process from evaluation through close.

Sellers can now easily request a home valuation to find out what their home is worth and understand the potential selling price and local market in less than 24 hours.

Buyers and sellers have the ability to request a listing presentation from a local, licensed agent and learn more about their track record in the app.

With Reali Trade-In, sellers can purchase their new home before the current one is sold. Sellers can now switch between buying and selling, which allows them to manage both transactions at the same time.

The busy company also launched its home trade-in program and escrow program shortly after its first update. Reali also expanded into mortgages last year when it bought Lenda, an online mortgage lender that launched in 2013.

And the company said that it has plans to continue expanding in the second half of this year.


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