The Good, the Bad, and Things We Need to Talk About – A Real Conversation Around Work-life Balance

By Housing News

The topic of work-life balance can be particularly challenging for women in the workplace as much of the responsibilities in the home sits on their shoulders in addition to the demands of a competitive career. Panelists will discuss the challenges of balancing work and life and share insights on how they have managed to build successful and growing careers while attempting to limit sacrifices made in their personal lives. We don’t profess to having it all figured out, we simply know there’s power in sharing the bad with the good.

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  • Carrie Gusmus, President, CEO, Aslan Home Lending
  • AJ Barkley, head of Neighborhood and Community, Lending Bank of America
  • Charmaine Brown, Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Finance of America Companies
  • Courtney Graham, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief People Officer, Princeton Mortgage

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