The growth of the mortgage broker channel gives real estate agents new options for homebuyers

By Housing News

The mortgage broker channel has seen a great deal of growth over the last year, with independent mortgage brokers now accounting for more than 16% market share. This momentum – which doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon – presents a great opportunity for real estate professionals to join forces with independent mortgage brokers to ensure your homebuyers are getting the best experience possible.

As the mortgage broker network grows, there are more options for you to choose from when looking for a partner. One of the perks of partnering with an independent mortgage broker is that you’re able to work with someone local, embedded in your buyer’s community of choice. Rather than working with a big bank who may only see your buyer as a number, a local, independent mortgage broker can provide personalized, face-to-face mortgage expertise.

And because independent mortgage brokers work with a wide variety of lenders, they are experts at matching your clients with the right loan products. Mortgage brokers are skilled at helping self-employed borrowers and those with second jobs in the gig economy, as well as first time homebuyers or those with less than stellar credit histories. Finding the right loan match can transform a renter into a buyer, and nets you a grateful client ready to refer more business.

In addition, independent mortgage brokers are agile and willing to work with you and your buyers to meet your timelines. Unlike some traditional lenders who keep bankers’ hours or work through a call center, mortgage brokers place a premium on being available when you need them. That means that your clients don’t waste time waiting for approvals — and potentially lose out on their dream home.

There are many reasons to work with an independent mortgage broker, and now it’s easier than ever to connect with one in your area. Visit to learn more about the advantages of working with a mortgage broker and how you can partner with one today.


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