The mortgage servicing experts at Sagent are building the future of fintech

By Housing News

Building the future of mortgage servicing technology is about granular, nuanced innovation — knowing what changes must happen and when, and executing with no mistakes across scale operations where every tiny detail is highly regulated. And doing all of this within aging infrastructure — it’s about building pathways within the aging infrastructure and incrementally replacing it with the new.

That is what Sagent stands for, and it executes credibly alongside America’s largest mortgage servicers because its fintech engineering and product teams are comprised of servicing experts with deep resumes in the servicing trenches. 

Sagent uses the phrase “Visionaries Who Get The Details” to describe this combination of ambitious homeowner-first fintech vision and mortgage servicing operations expertise.   

To this end, Sagent believes servicing fintech must address three areas to set a modern data standard in 2023 and beyond:  

First, homeowners should be able to access their data easily and securely from any device to manage every aspect of their home-owning lives. This includes making payments, analyzing and adjusting tax and insurance escrow accounts in real-time, requesting and processing help for hardships, and viewing and taking action on home value and available home equity. 

Second, servicers should be able to deliver all of this to homeowners in their own branded experience, and also be able to have their customer service teams help in real-time, at any moment, using multiple communications channels (desktop, phone, SMS, etc.), and see the same data their customer is seeing. 

Third, all of these servicer and homeowner experiences — and data sharing — must work across the full performing and default lifecycle of every loan, seamlessly cover every compliance and investor detail, and enable real-time processing and reporting of all compliance and investor requirements. 

Sagent executes on these three areas primarily through its three flagship software platforms powering enterprise, consumer and default servicing.

The formula that sets Sagent apart building the future of servicing fintech is its consulting and advisory approach. The company is regularly working with servicers on operations, compliance and other specialty projects even before they’ve come onto its flagship platforms. 

Sagent’s technology & engineering, product and customer success groups are the knowledge and execution leaders in its firm and industry. 

And its product and customer success teams have responsibility for sales and growth. Why? Because its product and customer success teams are iterating on new product roadmaps and existing product improvements in real-time as they work with new and existing customers. 

Sagent can’t wait to show you what they’re building and learn what you’re building.

Connect with them in 2023 and build the future of servicing fintech together. 

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